Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Making an attempt to be more "green" and frugal at the same time can be somewhat challenging. Upon returning from our emergency trip out of town, I noticed that several light bulbs were out around the house. I typically have these on hand, as I stock up when they are on sale, so I set about replacing them.

Now, in the majority of fixtures that we use on the inside of the house, we use the long lasting lower watt Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. They are a bit more expensive upfront, but they do in fact last longer than normal bulbs, and use less energy. We bought 4 when we first got married, and they lasted 10 years. I think we got our money's worth out of that;)

The light on our range kept burning out about twice a month, and I was hesitant to put a "good" one in it, but once I put the GE Specialty bulb in, it lasted almost a year!

Finally, I want to share with you my most favorite bulb of all. Don't tell me it's weird to have a favorite bulb, I know, LOL;) Anyway, it is the Bug Light. I LOVE having these on all the outdoor fixtures. Primarily I like them because all of our fixtures are right next to door openings, and lights usually attract bugs, which means when you open the door they fly in. These bulbs don't do that, and for that reason, they have my affection!

THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. These are just my thoughts. I chose to write this on my Frugal blog because despite the fact that you pay a little more upfront for these, they are a money saver in the long run. I try to buy 1-2 of the variety we use each shopping trip so that we always have some on hand. Once the stockpile has reached my acceptable amount, I only buy them when they are on sale, and I try to match the sale to coupons for maximum savings.

I chose to link the GE site to you because that is the brand that we actually use in our home, and they have a link for Coupons/Special Offers on their website. Yes, I am the shopper that actually visits websites. When I make my shopping list, I then check the paper inserts, online coupon sites, and manufacturer sites for every item on my list before I shop. I play the coupon game as well, but I take it one step further to actually contact manufacturers for items I buy and ask for coupons. Most will send them if you just ask!

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