Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Betty Crocker

***Again, in the interest of all the disclosure laws, I want to be clear that this is NOT a sponsored post, nor do I get any referral credits, samples or coupons not available to everyone on the website from Betty Crocker for writing about them. Not that I am not open to that *lol* but this is just informational.***

Another site that I frequent if items are on my grocery list, is Betty Crocker. There are many different brands available in the Betty Crocker family, and more often than not, I need at least one coupon from their site. As with most of these sites, it is extremely helpful to sign up for their newsletter to be emailed to you. It reminds you to check there for coupons, and gives advance notice of new items, samples, and promotions. The website offers tips, how to's, recipes, and the best thing ever (in my opinion) "Easy Meal Finder". You can enter up to three ingredients you have on hand, and what time of item you are attempting to create, and it will give you a suggestion! Makes cooking from the pantry/freezer a breeze!

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