Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Deal"icious Mom

I am trying to alternate between brand websites and blogs to get a little variety! Today I am sharing "Deal"icious Mom's website. This is another excellent compilation of deals website. As with most of these blogs and websites, I read it via email subscription, and "like" on facebook.

She posts new giveaways and deals most everyday, along with coupons, internet sales, product testing/reviews, and my favorite store (CVS) deals which many other fans refer to as FreeVS. *Note, many of these sites just post the free or very low cost deals, which are great, but I use their tips combined with other coupons I have on hand or find on the net to customize my buying plan with items that we actually need or will use. It is helpful though if you need to get the free items to "roll" your ECB's.
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**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am not receiving any compensation, gratuity, or award for sharing information about this site with my friends and family.**

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"Deal"icious Mom said...

Thanks so much for the link love!