Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Doctor Information

Taking a break from posting sites today, as Wednesday's are tough. Instead, since I am doing medical research and such, I thought I'd share some ways to get the most out of your doctor visits.

Aaron has Speech, PT, and OT for a full morning of therapy each Wednesday. The good news is that we have been working hard at home on off days, and he "may" be at 100% of OT goal, so that is one therapy we can stop, saving about $50 per week. I ask tons of question of his therapists about what they are doing, and how each activity helps him. This in turn gives me ideas of things to do at home to keep him on track, and to help meet goals. I also keep a notebook (well, it's a binder now because we have so much!). I keep each specialists report in separate sections. I take the binder with me so if any specialist has a question, I have everything right there with me, which often saves us from having to request and wait for records, and additional trips and $50 copays.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing I can stress is to take a notebook with you to each doctor visit, even well child checks from the beginning. Put their stats in there so you can track them easily, and TAKE NOTES. If the doctor says something is good or bad, put it in there, you may be thankful later that you have this information handy. It also helps make sure you have a correct spelling of any diagnosis before you leave.

Internet Research: You have to be careful here about what sites you visit. Some will just scare you to death. Others offer helpful information. It definitely pays off in the end to research these conditions before the specialist visit so that you are informed, and can ask questions while you are there, again, possibly saving a future visit.

So, tomorrow, Aaron is going for his Urology visit, and I have an MRI for my back in the afternoon. Another great day at the hospital;)

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