Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Features

Please take notice at the bottom of the posts, I have added some new features. The helpful/interesting/not helpful buttons will let me know which posts (or type of post) you like reading about, and which ones aren't that helpful.

I have always been curious about how to put the buttons to share posts on other media sites, and I still don't really understand how it works. I just happened to see a button on the design/settings for it, and magically they are at the bottom of new posts now.

I have also signed up for some new sites, and re-activated some others that are ways you can legitimately earn small amounts of money online. I don't expect that any of them, or all of them combined for that matter, will be hundreds of dollars a month. I think that everyone has their own reasons for wanting or needing to do this, and I just want to give an honest opinion on how they work. If you see or hear about a site you are interested in, just leave it in the comments and I will research it and check it out.

My plan is to put together a post at the end of each month with the totals I have earned from each site, so we can all see which ones are worth the time. I think that most of them pay either through paypal or check, so I will leave all the money in my paypal account that I receive (some pay weekly, others monthly) and we'll see how it goes.

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