Tuesday, July 6, 2010


***In the interest of all the disclosure laws, I want to be clear that this is NOT a sponsored post, nor do I get any referral credits, samples or coupons not available to everyone on the website from P&G for writing about them. Not that I am not open to that *lol* but this is just informational.***

I chose to share the P&G website with you today because I visited it before my amazing CVS shopping trip to print some coupons. I signed up to be a member and get emails from them, and you can visit the site to check for samples, coupons, promotions, etc at your convenience. Most of their specials go fast, so it is helpful click their emails and newsletters fast. They mail amazing coupon books quarterly (I think) if you sign up. They also try to make it fair and say that you are ineligible if you have received a book (or whatever promotional item it is) in the past x number of days. These are products we frequently use and purchase, so I am always thrilled to get samples and coupons from them.

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