Monday, July 5, 2010


This is another program that I use daily to make a bit of money.

Here's how it works. You sign up here and enter your information. Typically they do offer free bucks to new members, but I think the amount varies. Regardless, you earn bucks here pretty quickly and easily.

1) I downloaded the toolbar that they offer for most browsers. I use the firefox one. It gives you a search window that I will explain later, a count of your total swagbucks, a "From TSG" dropdown window that occasionally has a free "code" in it, a ways to earn button, etc. I typically get 1-2 bucks per day just for opening and using my browser window. Something that I would be doing anyway, so zero extra effort. A smidge of an effort if I see something in the TSG area and have to click three times to copy/paste a code;)

2) I use them as my Search Engine, and they use google and So far, I haven't looked for anything that it hasn't given me the answer to. Fridays are Mega Bucks days and the amounts can be higher that you are awarded. I usually get a reward 2-3 times per day, primarily because I search at various times for any number of reasons. Again, reward for something I am doing anyway.

3) Going to the swagbucks site. I set them as my homepage, so it is one click. I tend to get 1 buck per day for visiting the site, 1 per day for answering a one click daily poll, 1 per day for clicking the Special Offers tab ( I tend to skip all the offers and stop when I have been rewarded my buck), 1 per day for clicking the trusted surveys button.

4) Surveys. You get bucks in various amounts for completing your profile. Then, it offers you surveys at various times of the day to complete. It states the amount of bucks awarded and the approximate amount of time to complete the survey, and your chance of being accepted to complete the survey. However, I have completed several that it estimated 10% eligibility and have been denied others that it estimated at 90%. Either way, I have gotten several hundred bucks this way.

5) Shop and Earn. As with most reward sites, if you go through the home page, they will reward you with bucks either as a flat amount, or bucks per dollar spent for purchases completed. I have used this in the past, and have been credited within 4-6 weeks. The site now offers tracking so you can see evidence that you are being paid for your offers.

6) Trade In. They will give you bucks for old cell phones sent in to be recycled, as well as Video Games, etc. I have a phone and some games to a console that we no longer own, that I intend to send in, but it hasn't been high on my priority list, LOL! Plus, I don't think we'd even break even trying to sell them somewhere else after listing fees, commission, and postage.

7) Swaptree is a bookswap service that I just signed up for. I have used another service for the past couple of years, and I intend to compare the two in a later post.

8) Referrals. You can use links like this one to refer people, the banner in my sidebar, widgets - like in my sidebar, and Facebook connect to refer people. You get matched buck for buck for their first one hundred bucks.

9) Widget. I have the widget in my sidebar, though part of it is cutoff because I am computer illiterate and can't figure out how to fix it. Anyway, you can click on it periodically to see if there is a swagcode floating about anywhere, and get a clue on where it is, or even the code itself. You go to the homepage to enter the code and claim your bucks. These are available for a short time period, usually daily.

10) Twitter. On Thursdays, there are twitter contests to get extra bucks, and sometimes they put codes there.

11) What are codes? They are free bucks. They post them in various places, even as scavenger hunts sometimes, and they are case sensitive. These are wonderful if you happen to be online and checking for them when they are offered.

12) Facebook. This is the best source to learn about codes. "Like" them on Facebook, and you will notice when people start thanking them for codes, and you can go look for it. Also, you can use facebook connect to see when your friends are finding codes, and if people click on yours and sign up, you get a referral.

13) They offer a weekly newsletter with information emailed to you, and it sometimes contains a free code.

14) Blog. They have a blog they update a few times a day about various promotions going on, and it also often has codes listed.

15) Hourly random winner. This is listed on the homepage. If it is you, and you happen to catch it on the homepage, you get 100 bucks.

Now, how do you redeem!!!

There are hundreds of prizes from PayPal and Amazon gift cards to sweepstakes to video games, and so much more. I have found the most profitable prize that I would use to be the Amazon gift cards. I redeem them in $5 increments for 450 bucks currently, but higher dollar amounts are available. I think there is a limit of how many prizes you can redeem per day and per month, but I don't recall what they are. I redeem until it tells me I can't redeem anymore. Also, it isn't instant. If I were to request a card today, I think I would get the e code around the 17th (they do it twice per month), then I just go to Amazon and put the code on my account and it gives me a gift card credit balance until I spend it.

As you can see, this site offers many ways to accumulate points, and honestly, most of them are for very little effort, or for doing your normal internet activites.

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