Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Day of School!

Well, it was the First Day of school in our district. We left home at 7:30 to take Joshua to 1st grade, came home to finish getting everyone else fully dressed, and went back for a 9:00 Kindergarten meeting for Logan. We raced out of there to drive across town to my 10:30 doctors appointment. Turns out the block didn't fully work, so the left is still not corrected, the right is messed up, and the L4 and L5. I get to add twice per week PT sessions to our already crammed schedule for a month. Yay me:( At 12:30 we left the hospital and went to B&N to pick up the final hard copy books I need for Aaron *and used a Gift card to pay, of course, LOL* They had storytime starting when we were browsing, so we stopped and enjoyed it, then realized it was 1:30 and we hadn't eaten (thought we'd be 45 mins tops and able to eat at home) so we ran into McAlister's for lunch. I guess I don't take them out to eat enough, because they were THRILLED to go in and eat. They had kids meals on special for $1.99 and a lady gave me a coupon for B1G1 Free, so it was very inexpensive. Then we raced to get Joshua from school at 2:45. Since we still hadn't made it to the grocery store, we went straight to Staples to turn in some old ink cartridges for credit to my Rewards card, and picked up a couple of items still on sale for under $1.

Then, it was off to Target. I have to confess that I don't often do the Target deals because our store isn't a grocery center, though it does have a small selection, and it is out of the way. I was happy that I did stop though, because I was able to get $65 worth of items for $11. I'd post receipt pics, but my PC is broken and this one isn't hooked up to the scanner.

Then we hit up Walgreens, and I followed a $5 challenge from another blog (forgot which one, oops!) and stayed on target. ***UPDATE: I found the blog that does the $5 CVS and Walgreens Challenges, and HERE is the link to this week's $5 Walgreens challenge***

Finally, at 7:30 we made it to Walmart. I saved all refrigerated purchases for here (or CVS and Homeland on Sat). At this point, I could barely walk and the trunk was full (and I'd only spent $18! so we just got the filler necessity items, and the Pick 3 bucket for $10 for dinner. Another thrill for the boys, and frankly for me because I knew once I sat down I was NOT getting back up to cook, and we pulled in the driveway at 9:10pm!

So, I did end up making another CVS run on Sat which was almost as great as the first one, and then to Homeland for some other great sales I hope to post about soon.

Hopefully my PC situation will be resolved soon and I can get the other posts up when I am not sharing a computer, LOL!

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