Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I am making a frantic rush this week to get a multitude of chores and things accomplished before school starts back on Friday. Open House is tonight, and all the school supplies are purchased and packed in their backpacks.

I got the garage cleaned out early this morning. I realized yesterday that this is our Big Trash pick up week, and I have been putting this off for months. Once per month you can put bulky items out that are too big for your normal cans and they will pick it up, from boxes to old appliances. We mostly had empty bulky boxes, but they don't take them wet, so the spring months were out for putting them out, not to mention that my back was killing me, and even though they weren't heavy it did take some maneuvering to get them out! Then it was about a million degrees hot it wasn't worth the effort;) Today though, it was in the 70's early so I got up and got to work while the rest of the house slept.

Also on the list is getting the upstairs re-organized, papers filed away, bookshelves re-organized and discard books listed on the trade sites, etc. Nick will likely start working from home 3 days per week in 2-3 weeks, so I have to get things situated and comfortable for him to be up here working for 8 hours per day. Aaron's school area is also up here, so I need to get all of that set.

Finally, I do my shopping differently during school. During the summer I am more laid back and have extra time to sort through the fliers labeled by week, clipping what I need for each trip. During school I spend Sunday afternoon when we are watching movies to clip everything from that week's paper that I would consider using and file them in my purse sized carriers. I print off online coupons and file them as well. Then I make my shopping envelopes. I use legal sized envelopes and print my list with price, followed by coupons intended to use on the outside and file those specific coupons in the envelope. This makes my store trips planned and very specific. I tend to stick to the list. However, I do put my purse sized carriers in my purse each time I leave to shop so if I see an unadvertised sale or clearance item I can get for low cost, I don't have to make a return trip with coupons. I also start stocking up on soup, crackers, gatorade, kleenex, and cold/flu medications around this time. You will start to notice them going on sale and coupons in the paper. It becomes quite helpful to have these items in the pantry when suddenly 1 sick person turns into 5 sick people and no one feels up to emergency store runs.

With that said, I also want to get more of my coupon saving sites and blogs posted for my (and your!) reference and convenience. So, I will probably be writing and post dating an abundance of them as I access them this week or so, to make sure I don't miss anything.

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