Thursday, September 30, 2010

Always on the Move!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.

Many of you know my family personally, and you know that we have three very active young boys! Living in Oklahoma, we tend to get Extreme Weather. Over the past year alone we have had multiple Blizzard, double digit days of +100 degree temperatures over the summer, a very rainy season that included floods, and the always expected wind. What this means is that on several occasions, weather has prohibited the boys from playing outside. Previously, we had season passes to the Zoo and Science Museum where we could take them to indoor activites to expel some of that energy. This year though, I have been plagued with this lingering back issue that has not allowed me to take them on adventures. We have been forced to find creative ways to stay entertained indoors when the weather is bad.

One of the most entertaining things the boys have found that they enjoy is playing video games. They LOVE our Playstion 3. With this unit, they can play the assortment of video games that we have, watch DVD movies, or movies that we have access to through our monthly video rental company via the internet. Yesterday when we got the Sunday paper, Joshua and Aaron saw an advertisement for the Playstation Move in one of the store circulars, and immediately cut out the picture and added it to their Christmas lists that we have already begun to make. Fortunately for us, since we already own a PS3, we can purchase the MOVE Bundle Package for only $99!

Some parents are critical of allowing children to play video games. We have seen great things come from this though. First, we supervise their play, and monitor the amount of time they are allowed to play, and under what circumstances. The two main rules are that their homework and reading time are complete for the day, and that their rooms and other chores are done before they can play. It is AMAZING how quickly these things are accomplished when PS3 time is the reward. We enjoy having one weekend afternoon or evening designated for family PS3 time. Each person gets a specific amount of time to play against opponents on the game of their choice. The boys are learning about good sportsmanship, sharing, and it is improving Aaron's hand eye coordination. His OT and PT actually recommended this as part of his at home therapy, and there are studies that show that children with his issues do show improvement in various areas by playing certain video games.

With the MOVE, exercise also becomes a factor. No longer are kids sitting in front of a monitor playing video games for hours and only exercising their fingers. With the MOVE, their physical movements are picked up by the game. The games we are most excited to try that are listed on the Christmas lists are Sports Champions, Little Big Planet 2, Brunswick Pro Bowling (PERFECT for Aaron that can't lift an actual bowling ball!), and TV Superstars. We really enjoy family based multi-player and age ranged games.

Finally, for those of you that already have PS3's as well, and don't have to purchase a new system, you can also update some of the games you already have to the PS MOVE if they are compatible, once you have purchased the MOVE Bundle Pack, did I mention it's only $99?! PS Move games can only be played on Play Staion Move units or upgraded units. When purchasing PS games, the top right hand corner of each box will tell you if the game is PSM compatible (can be played on normal machines) or required. If you have any other questions about the Play Station Move, their website is  located at PlayStation(R)MOVE

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