Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Wrap Up

I just finished compiling my list of sites I tried out for the month of August to see if they were legitimate ways to earn small amounts of extra cash, and how much work was involved with each of them. Unfortunately my PC decided to Blue Screen on me mid-month and leaving me with very limited access for almost two weeks, combined with Joshua going back to school, Logan starting kindergarten (and his birthday), Aaron starting the homeschool year, my back procedure followed by PT and all of Aaron's specialist visits thrown in. Which means that these numbers aren't exactly a true month's representation, though it does show more income than I thought with this crazy schedule. Also, some of these sites take time to build on. As with anything, the more time and effort you are able to put in, the better the results will be.

This is going to be a very long list, and I am going to *attempt* to link to all of them in case anyone wants to try it, to save you some time and effort in looking it up. In the essence of disclosure, some, not all, give bonus points or some other various reward to the referrer and bonus points, etc to the new participant. There are too many companies to break it down, but every company listed is one I have found to be legitimate.

Swagbucks $20 in Amazon Gift Cards. My current total is always listed on the widget in my sidebar, but does not reflect the amount of bucks I have redeemed. I also have a post on the service HERE. You DO NOT have to do everything listed, I just tried to put all the options out there so people would know what they were. I currently redeem about $20 per month in gift cards there.

SendEarnings I was going to cash out my $39.72 balance today and request a check, and they made me an offer. Continue to earn up to $50 in the next 30 days and they will waive the $3 check processing fee. Since I have been clicking all the daily emails, doing about 1-2 surveys per week, getting my coupons there, and some other odds and ends offers of around $0.50-$1 daily that shouldn't take long so I accepted the deal and that is my balance as of now. Worse case scenerio is I don't hit it and they mail the check and charge the $3 fee. I also wrote a post on this service HERE.

Ebates. I only occasionally use this service when shopping online. It is one of many services I use, depending on where I can get the best deal. This month I purchased just a few needed back to school items and earned $2.81 in rewards. I wrote a post on the site HERE.

MyPoints. I have previously used this service and earned tons of great gift cars. It is similar to Send Earnings in that they reward you for reading emails and such. I plan to write a post on it soon. I just re-joined this week since my other account is long since expired, and I have not filled out all the "About Me" surveys that pay points, but I have accumulated 135 points just in reading emails. Referrals have to be done via email I think, so if you are interested in signing up, just email me (it's in my profile) and I will be more than happy to send you the referral.

YouData. I was really excited when I signed up for this. It was fun, fast, easy, and pays out every Friday. I made $3.40 into my paypal account in the 2 weeks I participated.

CrowdTap. This is another fun site, and I hate I had to miss 2 weeks of participation. You log in daily and get points for logging in. Periodically you get "Quick Hits" which are one click polls that usually pay cash and points. Then there are Opportunities and Message Boards where you get points for responding to questions, points for 1st comment, etc. There are higher dollar rewards for most active and insightful participation. I made it to level 4 in 2 weeks of participating. The higher the level the more opportunities and better rewards you get. It's fun and takes about 5 minutes or less per day. I earned $6.20. Also, 5% of what you make goes to charity and I believe they match it. They pay out at $10, and you can accept an Amazon GC or donate it all to charity.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes. This one is my absolute favorite due to the fun factor alone. It pays very little for the amount of time, but it has potential for more, and did I mention it is FUN? I just found a swidget to put in the sidebar so y'all can see how fun it is. The pay is $0.01-$0.10 from my experience per session, and you can play a new session every 3 hours. You can set an email reminder at the end of each session. You also earn sweeps tickets and coins that turn into tickets for the chance to win $50 per day. I haven't won that, but know someone who has, and it is legit. I requested my payout of $2.84 to my paypal account and got it in minutes.

There are several more, but it's late and I have to be up early, so I will lump them all into one amount and try to post them all at a later date. The remaining total is $20.38 in cash/paypal, and an anticipated $10 in Amazon Gift Cards.

Grand Total: $105.35. Not too bad for what was basically 2 weeks of effort, and about an hour a day invested.


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