Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chapter Books for Beginning Readers

I am back! After more computer issues in which my Hard Drive decided to corrupt, and I lost everything I had saved on it:( I am back online, YAY! (Note to self, learn to back up items, LOL).

I have some book reviews coming up that I think you will enjoy over the next couple of days. We have also been busy reading here every afternoon after school with the boys. Joshua has observed me teaching and working with Aaron on his reading for quite a while, and is now reading far above the first grade level. He is bored with the "baby books" as he calls them that the librarian wants him to check out at school that are on his grade level. I am interested to know if anyone has any suggestions on beginner chapter books for boys. I had two on hand that were Captain Underpants and a Magic Tree House book, and he read those in one day. The only other chapter books for kids we have are Little House on the Prairie, which are my personal favorite, but he isn't really taking to those, haha.

I came across a post today where someone linked up their favorite children's books, such as the Ramona books,  Boxcar Children, Encyclopedia Brown, etc. but I am not sure if they are too advanced or not? I also remember enjoying Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, but I thought I was older when I read those? At any rate, we will be searching the libraries friends sale, thrift store, and garage sales looking to increase our chapter book library! With three boys, items tend to take some damage over time, and it works out best for us to have several here on hand, and then supplement with specific items checked out from the library.

Please leave your suggestions, thoughts, comments, etc. I need some ideas;)


Sarah said...

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Jennifer Beedie said...

my son loved the captain underpants and magic tree house series as a child. There are a ton of the magic tree house books too. I wouldn't worry about it being too advanced.

Redheadedmom said...

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My daughter loves the Magic Tree House book series. Also Junie B Jones. Now that she's getting a little older I want to get her the Babysitters club books.
As for boy books, my son loves the Diary of a wimpy kid. But he's not as passionate of a reader as my daughter is.

Hope that helps! (got ya on facebook too)