Friday, September 24, 2010

FREE Resource to determine a job path

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There is a website available, ATETV , which is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, where parents, teachers, students, or anyone else can watch videos to see what job opportunities exist in high-tech careers, and shows you what educational path to take to enter one of those fields.

In today's job market, many people are not able to find work in their existing field, and need to expand their options. Often times though, frustration sets in, because they see jobs available in other fields, but they don't have the qualifications for those jobs, nor any idea of how to get the qualifications.

The National Science Foundation received a grant to produce the videos on ATETV, so that young adults entering the job market, or older adults looking to change professions, and go into the fields of Math, Science, Technology, or Engineering. The Labor Department predicts growth in these industries, so taking educational classes in these areas should payoff in the long term.

The National Science Foundation wants people to get excited about careers such as Underwater Robotics, Aviation Mechanics, Wind - Farming (HUGE here in OK!), High Tech Agriculture, Laser Technology, and so on. There are vast multitudes of careers and training options available in these industries now, and in the future. The Website ATETV  is free to use, and there is no obligation to register. Be sure to take a look and pass on this information to others you know who are, or will soon be, looking for a career path or change in career!

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