Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I hit my SendEarnings Goal

Earlier this month when I wrote my August wrap up about the sites I was testing out to see if they were legitimate or not, I mentioned that I had gone above the minimum payout amount at SendEarnings. (The minimum payout is $30 and I was at $39.72). When I elected to have them mail me a check, I was expecting them to deduct the $3 fee, but was pleasantly surprised to see that they offered me a deal. Get to $50 in 30 days, and we will mail you the $50 check WITH NO FEE! I got nervous when my computer died, AGAIN, and I didn't have access to read the emails or do any daily surveys for over a week. Granted the worse case scenerio was that I'd get the check and pay the $3 fee, but you know I love a challenge and wanted to eliminate that fee, LOL. Well, 15 days in, and despite no access for many days, I have reached the goal with 15 days to spare! So, they will be mailing me my $50 check and I will be happy to cash it without paying the fee;)

On an earlier post, I mentioned that you get a $5 credit for signing up, and that I get a bonus for referring people. I thought the bonus was probably $5, but it is $0.05, LOL! So, not a huge amount, but it does all add up, and I sincerely thank the people that clicked my link and joined! I reached my goal by reading and clicking the links on the emails they sent, doing a couple of cash tasks (these are new, and some are time consuming), getting a couple of referrals, having some coupon redemption's credit to my account (these are pretty delayed), and I took 2 $0.50 surveys.


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Go you!

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