Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We got our Mrs Fields treats!

Last month, Mrs Fields ran a promotion where if you referred friends to sign up for their free newsletter, they would send you free cookies. The more referrals you sent, the bigger the basket. This is the basket we got. It is the 24 cookie and 12 brownie basket, and also has 2 large cookies in it. The boys in this house are more than excited;)


Mommy Minded said...

lol. we did too. I am going to post my pictures tomorrow, my son was freaking out.

Amiko said...

hi, I'm your new follower from WW. Would love to see your next post!


Zannid said...

Ooo, I qualified for the first tier gift (I really wanted the tin), hope it comes soon.

New follower from Welcome Wednesdays. If you wouldn't mind following me back I would really appreciate it.

Stacy Rajab said...

Your picture is making me crave cookies:)

eof777 said...

Great tasting cookies... Thanks for stopping by my bog. I am already following you. :-)