Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 ways to practically make personalized holiday cards

PurpleTrail is a print and online invitation service that allows users to create amazing invitations and cards.  With thousands of designs and the ability to fully personalize them, PurpleTrail offers a unique blend of creativity, inspiration and customer service that can’t be beat.

The Holidays are rapidly approaching, and I always forget to send out cards. It's not that I don't make them, I just never get around to sending them. Several times I have gone to the post office to mail them and gifts, and get so wrapped up in getting the gifts correctly sent that I get home and realize the cards are still in my purse. I wrote a post the other day about ways to make everyday activities fun, so I thought I'd also share with you 5 ways to practically make personalized holiday cards.

  1. Purchase construction paper and fold it in half. Vertical or Horizontal, depending on what you want the end result to be. If you have a holiday photo you want to attach, place it on the front. I use photo safe tape to adhere ours. (If you have small children, outline in pencil where the photo will go, and wait until they are done to attach it!). Use permanent marker to write a message inside and sign the adult names. Then, allow your children to decorate the cards with glitter, foam, stickers, crayons, markers, etc and also sign their own names. (These make great keepsakes!). I'd suggest mailing them in bubble envelopes with holiday candy or child-made ornaments from recent craft projects as well. (Note: Drug stores often run these on special near the holidays making them very affordable!).
  2. Write a holiday letter on holiday stationary and include a digital photo of your family. Include updates that have happened over the past year, and interesting things about each child. This helps family and friends you don't see very often to stay updated with what is going on with your family!
  3. For a more formal card that offers a handmade touch, create an idea on paper, and go to the craft store for supplies. I have a friend who makes hers with rubber stamps and scrapbooking supplies, and they look fabulous! She has had requests from people wanting her to make some they can buy from her, but she is too busy in this phase of her life, but they do look quite professional. She also decorates her house over Thanksgiving weekend, then has her family get dressed in their holiday attire for a photo she attaches to the front. She uses scrapbook materials to make a "frame" around the photo to help it look more professionally attached.
  4. Digital cards! Many companies will allow you to upload your own photos and create digital personalized holiday cards that you can send via email. As part of this tour, I visited Purple Trail and created a card using my children's Santa photo from last year:
           You can choose from several backgrounds, and change the text to anything you want. They will  allow you to put multiple photos on one card, and many other very interesting features. You can choose card size, if it is folded or not, postcard, traditional card, or digital card, backgrounds (and colors), text of your choice, frames, embellishments, shapes, and for e-cards Special Effects! They also allow video, voice, and music! This was my first time designing my own e-card and it was very simple to use. My only issue was correcting my mistakes, but then I saw the big UNDO button at the top, and it was magically easier to fix, lol;)
      5. Postcards and Printed cards. I LOVE the postcard and photo cards I get from family and friends. Since most of us are scattered around the country and don't get to see one another often, having a postcard photo to save helps us see how one another's children have grown over the past year. (I have another friend that kept these for years, and compiled them into a scrapbook gift for someone she knew at their wedding, chronicaling from their first Christmas to the most recent one!). The Digital Card I made above at Purple Trail can also be turned into a postcard. I put matching Snowflakes on the back of mine along with a message.

***I am participating in a giveaway for and it makes me eligible for a PurpleTrail gift code that I plan to use to order our holiday cards. I am determined to get some in the mail this year! If you have a blog and would like to participate as well, here is the Contest Information Page;)***


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