Monday, October 11, 2010

Almost Free Halloween Tote Bag

Vistaprint is offering a FREE Halloween Tote Bag on their website, you just have to pay shipping and handling. I have seen several people with their free business cards and T-shirts, and they do quality work. This is your chance to create a one of a kind bag for the Fall season, be it for trick or treating or some other reason. I checked the site and S&H to my area was just $4.41 for one of these bags. I also noticed that they have several other items for free on their page, S&H payment is required though. If you want additional items of the same print, they can be ordered at a reasonable cost.

***Note: I have seen comments on another site by several people who were upset that these items weren't actually free. I have to say though that the S&H costs are very reasonable in my opinion. They are generous to offer a custom product for free, and I wouldn't expect them to pay to ship it to me as well.***

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