Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back Update

Because some of my readers are actually my real life friends and family, and because I have gotten a few emails wondering how my back situation was doing, I thought I'd share a quick update. I was at the specialist today for another visit, and she determined that due to my level of disc degeneration and some arthritis setting in, along with my herniated discs, that the next step in treatment is to do an epidural block in my spine. I am not excited about this, and was really hoping to avoid another procedure, but the pain level is increasing daily. I have declined any narcotic pain medicine because when I had it after my C-Sections, it made me feel out of sorts. With all that we have going on, I just can't risk that, and especially since I have to drive the kids around! So, I am sticking with the non-narcotic pain reliever and a muscle relaxer to keep the pain dulled enough that I can function minimally until the procedure next month. She also felt that I got a bit too worked up last time about the whole ordeal, so this time I have to take one valium the night before to calm me down, haha!

In other news, Aaron's weight was up to 44 pounds (YAY!) so we will keep aiming for a gain of 3 pounds per month. Joshua goes for his well check in a few weeks, and Logan has tonsillitis, so we are hoping he gets over it without a trip to the ENT!

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