Saturday, October 23, 2010

Book Review: Dragonbreath: Curse of the Were-weiner

A couple of months ago, when I asked for book suggestions for young readers,  I was informed of a monthly book giveaway from the Penguin Young Readers Group. Once a month you can enter your mailing information to be eligible to win a copy of the book selection for the month. The first month I entered, we were sent this Dragonbreath book, which is apparently number 3 in the series (though I didn't realize until today when I was doing research for this post that it was a series!).

My boys loved this book! They found it hilarious, and though some other readers thought it might be a tad scary, my boys did not find it scary at all. They laughed through the entire book. Aaron was delighted at the illustrations, and as some of you know, he loves to draw and re-create them. I liked the dialogue between the two friends, and that the boys asked to eat some of the foods mentioned in the book that they previously "didn't like". After they heard a funny story mentioning these foods, they now love them!

Book Description from Amazon:
Danny Dragonbreath and his best friend Wendell thought the hot dog from the school cafeteria looked a little . . . off. Then things got weird when the hot dog bit Wendell, and weirder still when Wendell started to sprout back hair. Could Wendell be morphing into a . . . (cue ominous music) were-wiener? All evidence points to yes. And unless he and Danny can get past the lunch ladies and slay the alpha-wurst, the whole school could be infected.
Written in Ursula VernonÕs trademark hybrid style of comic-book panels and text, this is the thrilling third book in the series. In a starred review, Kirkus Reviews said Dragonbreath Ówill leave readers in stichesÑ and on tenterhooks waiting for the next one.Ó Curse of the Were-Wiener will make kids everywhere laugh, shriek, and take a closer look at their lunches.

***I received a complementary copy of this book as part of a random monthly giveaway from the Penguin Young Readers Group on their website. There was no request or mention of a review necessary to win, I posted this because my kids enjoyed it, and I thought other kids might like it as well, and because I am grateful to this company for giving away children's books!***

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