Saturday, October 23, 2010

Book Review: Without A Word

Football legend Jim Kelly and his wife Jill Kelly have bravely released a memoir of their life, in the book Without a Word: How a Boy's Unspoken Love Changed Everything. In this book, Jill Kelly reveals very personal and private information about their life. Sometimes I think the public automatically assumes that celebrities, such as sports superstars, are living fabulous lives void of major struggles that plague many non-celebrity families. However, that is not true. Money and fame do not guarantee problem free lives.

Jim and Jill were blessed to become the parents of a special needs child, Hunter, who was severely disabled and terminally ill . Although the battles that Hunter fought during his short life are battles that the rest of us cannot imagine, he did show his parents the greatest quality of all, and that is love. Through pain and sacrifice that I cannot imagine, Jill cared for her son, and was ignited by the loved that he shared. Through this love, she came to know Christ, and experience His love. Although she was enduring many hardships, once she was ensconced in God's love, she was able to forgive Jim from some actions that haunted her. In turn, it was this love and forgiveness that eventually allowed Jim to come to love the Lord as well.

What this shows us, is that actions can both damage and heal us. Words need not be spoken to be hurt or healed, yet God's love can save us from all of that. While we as Christians do have to endure hardships in our lives, through grace, we are able to have Christ bear the burden for us. Being a Christian does not keep you from making mistakes or hurting others, but it does give you the foundation for healing those wounds and seeking and accepting forgiveness. I love that Jim and Jill were strong enough to bare their souls to the world in this book in order to allow Hunter to continue to show his love and God's love.

While I received a copy of Without a Word: How a Boy's Unspoken Love Changed Everything from Hatchette Book Group for review purposes, all opinions expressed are completely mine. I hope that you would also want to read Hunter's story, and you may do so by purchasing a copy of Jill's book via Amazon by clicking the link above
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