Monday, October 11, 2010

Gianna Jessen

Earlier this year, I heard a story about a woman who was telling her birth story. Not one where she was GIVING birth, but the story of her own birth. Actually, the story of how her mother was having an abortion, and it failed, and SHE LIVED.  Gianna Jessen is an abortion SURVIVOR.

I saw this link on another blog: "She even has the proof on her birth certificate, where the abortion doctor signed his name and added the note that she was born as a result of a “failed abortion”.  I hope you will take just a few minutes (16 minutes total)  to watch this 2 part testimony. You won’t be sorry. This woman and her story is absolutely AMAZING! You can also read about how Gianna stunned a Planned Parenthood celebration with her amazing story."

If you're interested, the paperback version of her book,
is available on Amazon.

***This is not a book tour or promotion, I am just fascinated by her story, and when I saw the link to the video, I thought I'd pass it along. Also, I do not want this to be a forum where pro-choice/pro-life is debated. I don't want this turned into an arena for arguments. The only view I will post is that I am adamantly opposed to post-viability abortion, which is relevant to this story. If babies can be born and have a fighting chance at life, let them live and be adopted, doctor's should never terminate a living child.***

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