Monday, October 25, 2010

Tips for Those Wanting to Help People In Need

  • Donate unused or unneeded clothing, coats, or blankets to your church clothes closet or non-profit organization.
  • Donate food and/or toiletry items to your church food pantry or local food bank.
  • VOLUNTEER your time and services to these agencies to keep things organized, fill bags, or deliver items to those who cannot drive to pick them up.
  • Shop the sales and coupon match up deals, and pick up the free or low cost items, and donate your excess to these agencies.
  • Mail expired coupons overseas to military families who can still use them!
  • Consider anonymous donations of food, clothes, gift cards to those you might know who are in need.
  • Contact your local Angel Food pick up location and see if they will allow you to "purchase" meals on behalf of families in need.
  • Contact your local school guidance counselor to see if they have requests for items you can donate to families.
  • Add dollars to your local utility companies program for those in need, or contact the agencies they use and offer to sponsor a family who perhaps needs help but doesn't qualify. I know someone who has done this. A customer of mine when I worked sponsored a family they knew anonymously via a non-profit organization. Due to privacy they could not get an exact amount due, so they wrote checks to the utility company with the address of the family whose bill they wanted to pay on it, and the non-profit made sure it was credited properly. The family got a letter stating they had a credit of X amount of dollars on their bill, and it carried them through the extreme seasons.
Look for ways to help in everyday life.

Twice at the pharmacy I have seen people in tears unable to pay for their medications, and pharmacists counting out how many days medicine they could afford, when someone in line anonymously offered to cover the bill to another store employee. The look of thankfulness and relief on the faces of the recipients cannot be described.

I have also seen people at the checkout of the supermarket having the cashier remove items from their bags to get the total down to the amount that they can afford to pay, when someone in another line has given cash to an employee to take over and cover the bill.

***Again, I welcome comments on additional ways to help!***


K said...

This is great, Karen! May I repost you credit and linkage of course!?!

K said...

Good golly, I need to remember which blog I'm signed into. :P

Sensitivity 101 said...

Karen, great ideas. I use my book "Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male" as a way to donate to The Children's Miracle Network. 25% of my profits from each book go there...and I mention it on the first page so everyone knows it.
I also donate my books to the military by putting them into the boxes that the local schools send to them.
My blog is if you'd like to see things that make you say "Did Ya' Ever Notice?
My next entry will be about charities and helping, so I will 'buzz' you and list your URL.