Friday, November 5, 2010


We had such an adventure with our heat yesterday. You see, about 2 months ago, our utility company came out and changed all of the meters in our area. Our new meters are the kind they read over radio frequency instead of them having to go into each yard. Well, when they changed them out, they had to cut off all of the gas to prevent any danger to the serviceman. Afterwards, he cut the gas back on and said he re-lit all of the pilot lights. We had hot water, so we thought we were golden. Until we went to turn on the heat yesterday and it was blowing COLD air.

Now, perhaps we shouldn't have waited until the night the temperature was dropping below freezing to turn it on, but we had been fine with out it. Those insulated curtains I got earlier in the year are proving their worth. Anyway, we had never lit the pilot light on this furnace since we have lived here. Honestly, neither of us really knew where it was, much less how to light it. After a few phone calls to my dad and brother (who were also prepping for the freeze in their area!) we finally got it lit. We had a couple of hours of warm temps outside where we could leave the windows open while it aired out.

I am not sure if it is the colder temps or the turning on of the heat, but I am all congested today, and wheezing. Looks like its time to go back on my asthma meds and take it easy today;) I still prefer the winter over the summer though. I can get warm under blankets, but it's hard to get cooler.

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