Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten Tips for bringing new babies home

I still remember the day we brought our oldest son, Aaron home from the hospital. I had a history of multiple miscarriages, and after a difficult delivery, we were probably on the extreme side of caution when it came to cleanliness. Lysol and TwitterMoms would like for me to share with you 10 tips for new mothers who are bringing home new babies.

  1. Insist that all people handling your baby wash their hands thoroughly with hot soap and water before they touch your baby. Hurting feelings is better than risk to a newborn's health. Be vigilant about washing your own hands throughout the day as well.
  2. I always preferred to wash our bottles in the dishwasher on hot after every use. We bought plenty so we'd never run low, and after each feeding, we would rinse the bottle (and all parts) and place them in the dishwasher to make sure they got disinfected.
  3. Our middle son, Joshua, had RSV as an infant. To protect him, we always made sure he was bundled up well, and avoided taking him out, unless absolutely necessary. When a baby has a higher risk of complications, you must be vigilant in keeping germs at bay.
  4. I used disposable disinfectant wipes in the nursery to clean the crib rails, etc. Especially once they are a tad older and can stand up. Certainly you might put them to bed clean, but if they stand and slobber (as babies are prone to do) on the crib rail, you want to keep it clean. 
  5. When we brought Aaron home we had a dog. We had her for years before we had Aaron, so she was protective and didn't really like him being in our home. We had to keep her in her crate most of the time, so we finally gave her to my parents. When it's a choice between dog and child, the child wins. Every time. Also, Daisy had some health problems, and we just couldn't risk anything.
  6. When we would take the babies out, we would always keep a think blanket over the top of the car seat carrier to protect them from wind and prying hands. Babies are cute, and while people mean well, they feel entitled to touch babies at random, just as they do to some pregnant mommy bellies!
  7. We did not allow strangers to touch our baby. Period. You don't know anything about them, and we couldn't risk our baby getting sick.
  8. If we were going to be out, and around people we knew and felt comfortable with them holding the baby, we would ALWAYS keep antibacterial hand wash in our baby bag. I also kept extra baby blankets to cover their clothes. With Joshua's RSV, he was sensitive to perfume, and if it was on someone's clothes, he would start to wheeze.
  9. The dirty diaper bin. Here's a secrets. I HATED the bin that made the "tootsie roll's". I can't remember what it was called....the genie maybe? anyway, I hated it. I finally got just a small covered trash can, with normal bags, and we emptied it each night. I'd spray it out with Lysol, leave it on the patio for 15 mins to dry, and put a clean bag in. It worked so much better for me!
  10. Finally, changing a diaper in a public place. When you have to change a diaper in a public restroom, try to always use a changing pad from home, or at least a baby blanket to lay them on. Keep small pkgs of wipes handy to clean their bottoms, and bags to put the diapers in before disposal. I always kept disposable disinfectant wipes in our bag too, and I'd wipe the table down before AND after each use. It's nice to find a clean table, so I made sure to always leave it that way.

 I know most of my readers are parents, and know people with babies, so I'd be thrilled if you left additional ideas or tips in the comments section. I never get my feelings hurt when a new parent asks me to take precautions, they are just looking out for the baby! Also, if you aren't feeling well, don't put the parents in the awkward position of telling you no, you can't hold the baby. Just don't go near a baby when you are sick;)

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