Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bright Beginnings

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When Aaron was just a baby and in daycare, we were on a mission to find the appropriate formula for his special needs. Breastfeeding wasn't enough for what he needed, and he was unable to tolerate certain formula types. We were fortunate to have a good pediatrician that gave us samples for some types, and I was able to find coupons for other types to help curb the cost because specialized formulas can be very expensive.

Fortunately for new parents today, you have the additional benefit of being able to purchase diapers and formula online as well, for even more savings! For example, many brands such as Bright Beginnings, you can buy on diapers.com at even more savings. Now some of you might be wondering how this brand compares to the "major" brands. One lesson I learned very early on from our first pediatrician is that the FDA regulates all infant formulas sold to make sure they are nutritionally equivalent, and that they all meet the same standards. By the time the third child was born, and I had all THREE children on formula at the same time, we were looking for all of the cost savings we could find!

Diapers.com also offers coupons right on the header of their site, such as 10% off all purchases, 1-2 day shipping, and free returns if you are not satisfied.

I also want to encourage you to "like" Bright Beginnings on Facebook to see what other parents are saying, and to take part in discussions as well!

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