Monday, February 7, 2011


Most of you who know me in real life, remember what a terrible time I had trying to have a baby. So many complications and tragedies before we were finally blessed to carry Aaron (past) his due date in 2002. Once I was finally induced, the complications seemed to multiply, finally resulting in an emergency C-Section ordeal that quite frankly, I will never forget. What you may not know is that I continued to have issues after that, that required me to see a few specialists to get things back to normal. One such specialist was a GI doctor. After having the "thrill" of a colonoscopy at such a young age, a few different prescription medications, and other fun things, the problems seemed to clear up. However, one of the "maintenance" things they told me would help me long term was a fiber medicine.

When in your mid-twenties, most people are typically not shopping around or researching the fiber market, so I had no idea what would work for me. I knew that I wouldn't drink the disolvable stuff, and wasn't wild about taking an enormous handful of pills daily, so I elected for the chewable tablets. Since that time, I have recommended these tablets to many people that I know who need them for various reasons, but the reality is that most people, even in their 20's don't get enough fiber as part of their daily diet, and could really benefit from these.

I am certain that with the media coverage of new years resolutions and the fitness craze, we all know that we can get fiber from whole grains, vegetables and fruits. The key is to make sure you are getting enough, according to the American Dietetic Association, most women only get about half as much as they need in a day! Fiber helps support your digestive system and maintain immunity, and since all three of my kids have had the flu in the past month, I am all about some immunity! 

When I saw that FiberChoice was teaming up with Mom Central for a blog tour, and I knew that I have used their product personally since 2002 and benefited from it, that I wanted to participate and share this information with you .FiberChoice Chewable Fiber Supplement comes in a chewable tablet that offers "the natural benefits of fiber, while also helping to support the health of your immune system and digestive tract, and overall health.  FiberChoice contains prebiotics - a unique fiber that nourishes the friendly, "good" bacteria that aids our digestive system. While the short-term benefits of fiber may go unnoticed, taking FiberChoice every day as part of an ongoing effort helps you to live a more healthy life."

***This is a sponsored post on behalf of FiberChoice and Mom Central. I was given a coupon to get a free full size bottle of the product to test, so that I could provide you with an honest post, that is 100% my own opinion. I will also receive a gift certificate as thanks for taking the time to write the post. I have used this product for almost 9 years, purchasing it with my own money prior to accepting the invitation to write this post.***

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