Monday, May 23, 2011

5 Must Have Summer Getaway Kid Experiences

There are at least 5 summer getaways every kid should experience in his or her lifetime. As I mentioned in my previous post, I hope that we are soon able to travel to some National Parks with our own children. These are inexpensive and educational trips that will create life long memories for both children and parents. These are 5 other getaways that top my must have experience list:

1. Disney/Universal Theme Parks: I think this is probably a given on most people's lists, and one that I was fortunate enough to have in my own childhood, and still have fond memories of. It's nice to take kids once they are all able to enjoy the park and still believe in all of the magic that it holds.

2. The Beach: It doesn't really matter WHAT beach, as long as they are able to play in the sand and the ocean, hunt for shells, and enjoy the experience.

3. The Mountains: I grew up a few hours from the Smoky Mountains, and they are a nice getaway in the summer time. It's not melting hot, not freezing cold, and you are able to enjoy the natural beauty.

4. Sleepaway Camp: Be it with a church group, social organization, or just a camp open to the general public, it is a lot of fun to visit sleepaway camp as a child. They are able to get the beginnings of independence away from their parents for a few days, meet new friends, and gain knowledge and skills.

5. Camping: With three little boys who love the outdoors, I know this is in our future. Whether we camp 5 miles or 500 miles from home, I don't think the location matters as much as the experience. It is fun for them to explore nature, sleep in a tent, cookout over a campfire, and just spend time with the family as everyone is disconnected from electronics.

In general, I think that what most kids want in the summer time is quality family time. They want to create memories and experience with their parents and siblings, especially teenagers that act like that is exactly what they don't want, haha!

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