Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Green It Yourself

Clorox Green Works has teamed up with Carter Oosterhouse and posted some great information that you can see on their facebook page: Green It Yourself on Facebook and get great tips on making your home more "green" and helping you save some of your hard earned "green" money.

I thought several of them were fantastic, and will be sharing my favorite one with you here. I hope you take a moment to click over and hear more of them!

 My favorite tip is to "Cool your energy costs". In the video Carter explains how updating older model refrigerators with newer models can cut your energy costs in half. Obviously the older the model, probably the less efficient it is. It's often hard for us to wrap our frugal minds around the fact that spending money to upgrade appliances can actually SAVE us money in the long run, once we've passed the break even point. In our home, the main appliance that needs to be replaced is the stove. But, in this house the stove is built into the cabinetry, so we know that replacing it will require work to the cabinets and replacing the counter-tops too. However, 2 of the burners are completely shot, and the stove is off by 50 degrees and sometimes more, soooooo it's on it's last leg! We know the dreaded day of replacement is looming, that it's not as energy efficient as it should be, and needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. It's just hard to spend that kind of money!

 This post is not sponsored, but is an entry to win a Clorox® Green Works® giveaway on the Mom Bloggers Club.

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