Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Man of the House

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Ahhhh, it's June, the month in which we celebrate Father's. I have a great dad in real life, but not everyone I know was so fortunate. Some friends of mine had to live vicariously through the father's of their friends, or even substituting TV dads, wishing their own father's could be similar.

I have always been a television fan, and I just love the way that television is able to portray so many varieties of dad's. When I was little, I'd watch Ward Cleaver, Andy Griffith, Pa Ingalls, and the Waltons. As I got older, I moved on to Bill Cosby, the Seavers, and even the Ewings! Now, as an adult, I still enjoy wholesome TV families and their interactions, but in the age of reality TV, we are able to see some non-traditional parenting by father's that is still quite influential. Many people I know are shocked to see former Rock Stars with "wild" persona's on reality shows that show a much more conservative side. Sure they may be more liberal than your small mid-western town father, but compared to many in the areas they live in, they are strict. My personal favorite TV dad of the moment, is the father of the boy with Asperger's on Parenthood. My own son has Asperger's, and it presents challenges that are different and unique to each family, yet we all feel a similar bond because we know what other families are experiencing. 

The best thing about Dads on television though, is that whether they are dispensing advice, acting goofy, holding down 9-to-5 jobs, or jobs with irregular schedules, they all share the fact that they love and support their children.

I am happy to be able to share with you a site that is voting for Favorite Father Figures! I hope you will take a moment to pop over an share your input, so that we can help shape the future of television for our own families!
, a leading online resource for Dads has come up the "World's Greatest TV Dad" tournament just in time for Father's Day. This bracket-style competition will pit 32 favorite father figures from television against each other for an audience-voted run at the title: which character best represents the ideal American Dad and will reign supreme this year?

Through June 16, visitors can choose their favorite TV Dads from seeded pairings on Every Monday the next round of match-ups will be posted, and the field of contenders will be narrowed through the audience votes. The "World's Greatest TV Dad" will be announced just before Father's Day on Friday, June 17.

The pool of competitors were selected and seeded by the editorial team based up four criteria:
1.    Shared household responsibilities
2.    Relationship with children
3.    Personal health/style/appearance
4.    Work/family balance

In addition to voting for the winning Dad, wants Moms and Dads to weigh in on the attributes they believe make a good father and how this parenting paradigm has shifted over the last fifty years. 

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