Monday, July 11, 2011

10 Reasons Why I Would want to visit Virginia Beach

Oh how I want a vacation! Our wretched heat wave continues with the 100+ degree temps, hitting 110 this weekend! I am sure you can understand why a trip to the beach with those amazing ocean breezes would be a welcome respite before school starts. But, it isn't in the cards for us this year. However, I would love to take you on a quick virtual vacation by showing you what I would do IF I were to visit one beach specifically;)

1. It's a Beach.....that could probably be reason enough in and of itself!

2.  A chance to play in the ocean. My kids have never seen the ocean, and I would love for them to see how beautiful it is.

3. To see the Military Aviation Museum. My grandfather fought in the Korean War and I would love to show my kids items in this particular museum relating to the war their great grandfather fought in.

4. To take my kids deep sea fishing. My own dad used to own a bait shop, and my grandfather has been a fisherman all my life, as was my father-in-law, and my mother in law lives on a lake, so fishing is in their blood!

5.  Colonial Williamsburg is not far away, and as a homeschooling mom, I am ALL ABOUT working the educational element into any trip!

6. Busch Gardens. My kids also have not ever been to an amusement park, and I think this one would be a BLAST for their first. So many fun things to see and rides to delight them!

7. Cape Henry Lighthouses. When Nick and I first got married, he was in the Navy and we were stationed in Jacksonville, FL. One of my FAVORITE things to do was go to beaches and tour the lighthouses. They are beautiful and fascinating. My kitchen was decorated in a lighthouse theme pre-flood.

8. To see the Adam Thoroughgood House. It is one of the oldest brick homes in America. I have always lived in brick homes, and they are especially useful here in OK. It would be an honor to see where it all started.

9. To visit the Naval Base where Nick's squadron got relocated too after they moved from Florida to Virginia. Their new home isn't far from Virginia Beach. My kids have seen a Discovery Channel Documentary featuring the former squadron, and it's hard for them to comprehend that it is real since they know most of what is on TV is NOT real, so it would be neat for them to meet current squadron members and see things in person.

10. To see some friends of ours who live in the area now. They currently are trying to have a baby, and we haven't seen them in probably 6-7 years! We keep up with them on their blog, but how much fun would it be to see them and encourage them in person!

I hope you enjoyed taking my virtual beach vacation with me. Didn't it seem at least 20-30 degrees cooler in our imaginations! Ahhhh, I feel relaxed just thinking about sinking my toes in some glorious sand under a huge umbrella for shade.

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