Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 Tips and Tricks to get your kids to eat more vegetables

Here is my confession. I hate most vegetables. Truly, honestly cannot stand the taste or texture of most vegetables. The vegetables I am willing to eat, have to be cooked and prepared in a certain way, or I won't eat them. I know it's not healthy, I know it's not a good example for my kids, but it's the way it is. I am doing better trying to eat more, and by "tricking" myself into eating some of them, the same way I trick the kids into eating them:) Here are 10 of my Tips and Tricks to getting myself and my kids to eat more vegetables:

1. Puree them in a blender and add to sauces that you serve as part of casseroles, spaghetti, lasagna, etc.

2. Add seasonings and spices to them as you cook so that they taste better.

3. Cover them with yummy cheese!

4. Use dipping sauces to disguise the yucky taste.

5. Puree them into a smoothie. I have been reading up on "green" smoothies, and to my surprise, you really can't tell they are in there!

6. Offer a reward at the end of dinner to whomever finishes all their veggies. Maybe it's dessert, choice of tv show, choice of book, extra time before bed. Whatever works in your home.

7. Let your kids choose one of the vegetables each night for dinner. They are more likely to eat willingly if they had a hand in selecting it.

8. Try something new. Let the kids pick a new veggie at the store, research together how to cook it, and see what happens.

9. Utilize the three bite rule. You don't have to eat it all if you don't like it, but you do have to take three bites and try it. You never know when you might develop or acquire a taste for something!

10. Be flexible. If you know they don't like Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli or Lima Beans, don't make them every night and force them to eat them. Make them once a month or something, and just have them give it a try. If you work around what they DO like, they'll enjoy eating veggies more!

I hope these have helped you, because they do work for me! If I can trick myself into eating vegetables that I don't like, I know you can use some of these to get the pickiest kids to eat them, haha!

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