Monday, July 25, 2011

Healthy Women

We have moved several times over the course of our marriage, and one of the most stressful factors when moving to a new area for me is finding a new gynecologist. I have had some great ones, and some terrible ones. When we first got married, Nick was in the Navy, and we were stationed in Florida. There was a naval hospital on base, and that's where we were required to go for medical attention at that time. If you went to a private physician, it was private pay, no insurance coverage, when you were that close to a naval hospital. So, when they time came for my annual visit, I went in. It was horrible. Very clinical and cold. There was quite a bit of pain involved with the exam, and some spotting issues for days afterwards. The only good thing was the free medication from the pharmacy.

When Nick was discharged, we moved back to TN, and I went back to my old doctors. They are fabulous. I was very glad to have them when I started getting pregnant. I had some issues, and suffered several miscarriages, resulting in immediate surgery to have D&C's performed. That was a very difficult few years, and it made it hard to go to the gynecologist and see all the happy pregnant women in the waiting room. Once I finally was able to carry a pregnancy to term (though not without complications) it was such a relief to have physicians I trusted taking care of me. I continued to have great physicians, even through a move to OK and back to TN with both of my other children.

However, when we moved back to Oklahoma in 2007, we lived too far away from the previous OB/GYN I had seen previously, so I had to find a new doctor. I went to my insurance website and selected the one closest to my home. She was HORRIBLE. I was having severe cramping, exceptionally heavy cycles, and other issues relating to complications with the birth of my third son, who was 2 at the time. The doctor I went to basically told me I was being a wimp and I needed to toughen up because all women have these issues, it's just part of life. She didn't take me seriously, and made me feel like a hypochondriac! 

I suffered on for an entire year until it was time for my next annual visit. This time I asked around, and got the name of another doctor, who happened to work across the hall from the previous doctor. It was like night and day. He listened to my concerns, ran some tests, FOUND MY ISSUE, gave me medication for the problem, and it was resolved immediately. I wasted an entire year suffering because of one incompetent, non-compassionate physician. 

Mom Central recently surveyed 500 Mom's and found that:

Heavy monthly bleeding symptoms impact daily routines.The vast majority (92%) agreed that the condition frustratesthem, and more than two-thirds (68%) feel that their periods control them.
Women don't always know where to turn for help with heavy monthly 
bleeding symptoms. More than 75% of women don't know help is available for their heavy periods. Less than half have spoken to their OB/GYN about theirsymptoms.  
Information and persistence may empower women to seek the right help. Of those who were satisfied with their treatment, 38% went to two or more visits with a health care professional before they found an option they liked. 

If you are suffering from any female issue, I want to encourage you not to give up. Help is out there, sometimes it just takes persistence in finding the right doctor to help you. Sites such as, have put together a series of online resources about heavy monthly bleeding, an issue affecting millions of women. The resource section includes a survey to determine if your symptoms align with heavy monthly bleeding, key questions to ask, and available treatment options to discuss with your physician. Please don't wait and suffer for as long as I did. Use the tools available to you on the internet to help you go into your next doctor's visit prepared. It is vital that we are our own advocates!

The following guides are also available to provide you with more information:
Understanding Heavy Monthly Bleeding
Treatment Options
Causes of Heavy Monthly Bleeding
Normal or Not
Talking to your physician

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