Wednesday, July 27, 2011

He's got Style!

Earlier this week, I wrote about how Aaron has Asperger's and it helps him cope out in public when he can wear a costume. I also briefly touched on the fact that when we have to go somewhere more "formal" that he has to "dress up" in nice clothing. What I didn't really get into is his sense of style when he is wearing nice clothes.

You see, he really prefers to be in a full suit when he's dressed up. He LIKES wearing a suit jacket, with a tie, a button down dress shirt, and nice slacks. With sneakers, because other shoes hurt his feet, so in his eyes, sneakers are dress shoes, LOL:) I have been fortunate enough to find some clearance jackets on sale at department stores, because when he gets in dressed up mode, he only wants to wear suits. 

Other times, he wants to dress like his dad. Dad usually wears a polo style shirt with jeans when he goes into the office. Aaron is ok with that, but he prefers dress slacks with his polo shirts, so he looks more "fancy" in his opinion. He is all about being fancy.

Joshua, the middle child, could really care less about fashion or style. He wears whatever is available and clean, regardless of whether or not it matches. Logan is sort of the same way as Joshua, but his little personality will crack you up! Recently we were going to a dinner party, and Nick told them all they had to wear nice shorts, and a shirt with a collar. He meant a polo style shirt, but in Logan's eyes, T-shirts technically have collars on them, so he put on his favorite Winnie the Pooh T-shirt. Nick told him to go change into a nice shirt with a collar, and he rolled his little eyes, pulled out the collar of his T-Shirt and asked, "What do you think this is's a collar!". He wasn't being smart mouthed, he was just being Logan taking things literal and asking what popped into his head. I had to leave the room laughing because it was hilarious!

With three children, it is very easy to see that they all have their own unique sense of style, and I feel it is important to let them explore that whenever possible. I go with the choose your battle strategy. They may dress how they choose most of the time, within reason, but when it is a special event and we need them to dress a certain way, they are expected to comply without argument.

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Amy (ArtsyBookishGal) said...

Well, the Winnie the Pooh shirt *does* have a collar. Duh, Dad! I like hearing about your sons. They sound hilarious. :) I've got to admit; I have a soft spot for Aaron's costumes. I got sick when I was 21 with a rare condition that caused me to almost go blind (I'm OK now...praise God!) and then two weeks after that I almost died from a blood clot in my brain. All this while I was trying to complete my junior year of college!

After all that medical drama, I was (and still am) freaked out by doctors. So I started wearing a shirt with a "Super Girl" logo to EVERY doctor appointment, test, and even when my wisdom teeth were pulled. I got a lot of wear and tear out of that shirt, and I still have it in my closet...just in case.

Over the past couple of years, I started to wear other shirts to the doctor, even though my "Super Girl" shirt feels the safest. But from 2001-early 2010 it was the only shirt I wore to doctors' appointments (yes, my doctors thought I was weird. But I have anxiety disorder...) I think my "Super Girl" shirt and Aaron's costumes aren't all that different really. It's probably why I like his dress-up stories so much.

The Purple Lady said...

I love this! Lately my daughter with ASD has to wear a particular necklace or she doesn't feel put together. I think the cute things are one of those tender mercies God gives us because it can be so difficult all the rest of the time.