Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's a crazy life sometimes

I likely won't be able to post anything on Monday or respond to emails. Our air conditioner went out last night and our temps are around 105ish, and I am melting! My asthma doesn't tolerate the heat, so I am busy gulping ice water trying to stay cool. Not to mention that Nick burned his arm on his motorcycle exhaust pipe and it has huge nasty ugly blisters on it, and Aaron has strep throat. The good news is that the A/C guy said he thinks the AC just needs Freon and he can put some in tomorrow right after lunch, I had some Silvadene in the house from when Aaron burned his fingers, and the pediatrician can see Aaron in the morning. Hopefully things will be all better by tomorrow night and I'll be back in action! Hope y'all have a great Monday;)



Sadie said...

I'm sorry about your air!! :( That is horrible. Hope it gets fixed soon. Hope Nick heals quickly too!

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Bella said...

I am sorry to hear about your A/C. Living in Florida, I have been in your shoes with the air out and I know the terribleness of it. I just can't imagine how anyone could have lived here before there was air conditioning! I hate the heat.

Our air went out last month - it was a blown capacitor - and the house got well over 90 degrees. I think I remember it was 96. This was in the beginning of June!

Here's to hoping you stay cool until tomorrow -- go to a hotel!