Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Last Archangel

Due to my ongoing insurance issues post-flood (JANUARY!), they STILL have not replaced my laptop, so I have been unable to access e-books for book tours. I will be getting a hard copy of this book soon so that I can offer you a full review, but I wanted to post a quick snippet from a review at Amazon to let you know why I am so excited to help promote this particular book!

It seems like a book about a fallen angel sentenced to be the bringer of doom wouldn't be inspirational. Yet somehow, it is. What about a cute little cherub as a sidekick who shoots a pretty mean bow and arrow? Again, it seems a bit of a stretch, and yet, it works. In fact, everything in The Last Archangel works on several different levels.
In addition to the exceptionally imaginative storyline, Young presents some fairly incredible concepts that are not only believable in the framework of the story, but also take it to the next level of originality.

Xandir is an angel punished for his wrongful deeds. What could an angel do to be punished? How about revealing the secrets of Heaven to man. And then there was the matter of entering into illicit relationships with humankind, which created the race of Giants--an abominable race that would have proved the end of humans if left unchecked.

Yeah, I can see why he would be punished. His sentence? To be the Destroying Angel until the End of Time. I'd say that's a pretty stiff penalty. However, he's given two weapons to use. One of Justice and one of Mercy. The trick is that Justice has to be served, yet Mercy cannot be ignored. It's a conundrum to be sure.

To reveal more of the plot would be unfair to the reader. It's really something that is best enjoyed along the way. I will say this: I give it an A+ for pacing. Never once did I say to the book, "I get it, move on already!"

Young isn't afraid to tackle some subjects other authors may shy away from--Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons and various other religious topics. Does it come across as preachy? No. Does it make you stop and ponder? It should.

When you get this book, you'll want to clear your schedule for the next couple of days. At the very least, leave a note for your loved ones explaining that you're fine, just lost in an excellent story.

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