Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Master Lock

I remember way back to the olden days when I was in school. I went to a small K-12 private school, and when we graduated 6th grade, things changed drastically. Once we were in the 7th grade, we started changing classes and using lockers. It was a very big deal! We planned our entire 6th grade year for how we wanted to decorate our locker, and could not wait to purchase our locks to keep things safe and have our own private space at school to store things! I am no expert on locks, but as best as I can recall, Master Lock was the only brand available, so they will always hold a special place in my heart of memories.

To make things easier when first transitioning back to school, I have a few tips to help make things easier and less stressful for you:
  •  For parents, I have to say, it is very important to write down and keep with you, the combination of your child's lock. Inevitably they will forget what it is at a crucial moment and call or text you for help! 
  • For students, consider storing your combination on your cell phone (I wish we had that option when I was in school!). 
  • Make sure to purchase a locker organizer. I always found it helpful to have a shelf to put my books on, and an opening at the bottom where I could store extra pens, pencils, make up, and other misc items.
  • Buy a magnetic mirror! It is never a bad idea to have a plastic mirror attached to the door so you can do quick checks of your hair and make up in between classes;)
  • Keep pens AND pencils (with a small sharpened) in your locker, preferably in an organizer. I remember when doing my student teaching that students were always desperately searching for sharpened #2 pencils on test days!

Master Lock is still striving to stay on the cutting edge of what is hot and happening with youth, so they have hired The Master Mind and his sister, who have a hilarious You Tube video, and are answering parents and students questions on the Master Lock Facebook page. Parents and students are invited to submit their own questions for the Master Mind and participate in daily sweepstakes for a chance to win back-to-school must-haves, including popular Master Lock school and campus security products.


***I am writing this post as an entry in a contest for a Master Lock back-to-school prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.

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