Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: Real Mom Kitchen

You know what is refreshing? A cookbook for REAL MOM's. Those of us who can never get to the bottom of the laundry pile because it grows faster than the machine can wash. Those of us who are in a constant battle not to get the house perfect, just at a level of sanitary clean to keep germs at bay. Those who have kids that never stop saying "I'm hungry, what's for supper? I don't like that, can you make me something else:"

I have 2 kids that go to school, and one that homeschools, so my day is from 7am-11pm (ish). There is always something to be done, and I try to squeeze blogging, cleaning, cooking, laundry, taxi service, couponing, shopping, etc. all into those days. What I need is a cookbook full of fast, easy recipes (with ingredients I have on hand, or can get easily), and for food my kids will not just eat, but enjoy without whining!

Well ladies, this is it. I got the e-book version of Real Mom Kitchen, and I LOVE IT. I suggested a few recipes to the kids, and they immediately started saying "Yum" and "when can we have that?!". I put some of the ingredients on the shopping list last week and made one recipe Sat and one Sun. I would show you pictures, except that I live with males who dive into the food while I am looking for the camera, and then it isn't really photo worthy anymore. I could've taken pictures of the protruding full bellies, but that might be weird. So, for now, there are no pictures. Next time, I'll have to get the camera ready BEFORE I start cooking, haha!

***I received a complementary e-copy of this cookbook to facilitate my review. Because really, you can't review a cookbook until you have tested the recipes...ya know? Anyway, all opinions are 100% mine and were not influenced in anyway.***


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