Friday, July 15, 2011

Save money with Zenni Optical

This post brought to you by Zenni Optical. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was shocked to see the glasses on my face when I pulled up the Zenni Optical website. We have very good vision insurance, and my co-pay for lenses and frames was $40. When I saw the Zenni Optical website, my frames are listed there for $19 WITH lenses included!!!! I had to copy it in to show you. If you know me in real life, you can attest that these are in fact the EXACT frames I have. The retail price on these frames at our optometrist was $119, so I thought that a $40 co-pay was saving me a ton of money, and it is, but I am excited to see that I can get them for even less! Not to mention the savings if you DON'T have good vision insurance! In addition, our insurance only covers frames every 2 years, and lenses once per month, so if they break, you have to pay full price out of pocket to replace them. Zenni Optical is an excellent resource to purchase a second pair for myself as a backup, or should I need a replacement. Last year my frames broke, and I had to use duct tape to hold them together for 6 weeks until my time was up to get new frames, so I've been a nervous wreck knowing that I couldn't get new frames until 2012 if something happens to these, because it is not in the budget to pay $119 for new glasses!

718015 Half-rim Stainless Steel Frame
#718015 -
Base price with single vision 1.57 lens $19.00
Configured Price $19.00
Bifocal: Y
Progressive: Y
Zenni Optical was mentioned in an article in Time magazine, where the editor of the magazine said he had paid $1000 for a new pair of glasses. Y'all know that is something I just cannot imagine! LOL:)

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What a great deal! I'm stopping by from the hop. I stumbled, dugg and google +1'd it :)