Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time Travel Tuesday

Yes, its Time Travel Tuesday
Readers, grab a cup and get comfy ...
 Bloggers, hit the archives
But Bloggers, pretty please do not leave your url and run ...
its not fair to my bloggy friends AND I will know who you are ;)
(PS. leave a comment for a follow)
I heart y'all SO much that all you have to do is copy and paste
the URL from an old post you'd like people to go and visit!
It does not require a post, just a url, yes, that is true!
(but do share and tweet please)
The more you tweet and share, the more people there will be
to comment, read, follow, and show you some bloggy love!
Oh yes, it does wonders for your Alexa Ranking!

My  Supah green recycled post ...
Earn It, Learn It

1. Download the Alexa Toolbar which you can download for free at Alexa.
2. Check my post & follow me because its the polite thing to do :)
3. Leave comments, let people know if you are following them.
4. When visiting a blog, you MUST allow the page to fully load then click 
a second page in order for the Alexa and bounce rate to drop
5. Follow other blogs, comment back to the people that visit you.
6.Tweet, Share on Facebook, Stumble, work that ALEXA SCORE for you! 


Cristi Comes said...

following back from Time Travel Tuesday. Nice to find your blog!

Just One Donna said...

Hi Karen. Thanks for following www.justonedonna.com. I'm following you on GFC, following you on twitter and facebook.