Monday, August 8, 2011

10 Healthy Tips to get your kids ready for back to school

Back to School time is almost upon us here in Oklahoma. I know many other areas of the country started today, but we still have a couple of weeks of summer vacation left. It's a good thing too. because the temperature got up to 110 again today! I am not ready to be out in this afternoon heat on a daily basis for carpool just yet! However, it's time for us to start easing back into our school schedule, so here are 10 Healthy Tips to Help Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School:

  1. Start easing them into their school bedtime by 5-10 minutes earlier each night, until they are at their normal time, then do the same in the mornings so the first week of getting up early isn't horrible!
  2. Make sure you have plenty of quick, easy to fix breakfast meals on hand. It's important that they eat well before a full day of school! I like to make homemade pancakes, waffles, and burritos now, and freeze them!
  3. Start stocking up on healthy lunch items if they don't the school meal. My middle son hates the cafeteria food, so I buy fruits and veggies to freeze and pack in his lunches.
  4. Stock up on nutritious after school snack items. Our school does lunch at 10:30, then they get out at 3. It's too long for them to wait until 7 for dinner, so they need a filling healthy snack after school.
  5. If you have sports or after school activities, you need to keep a cooler with re-usable ice containers in your trunk for water and other cool snacks. It keeps you from having to stop at the gas station or fast food for unhealthy food.
  6. I make sure to double check my kids are washing their hands OFTEN right before school, and that they are aware that it helps kill germs. I want to make sure it's a habit before they go to school, so they can continue the behavior there.
  7. I get extra hand sanitizer, travel first aid kits, and travel tissue for their backpacks, so they have the tools they need to stay healthy handy!
  8. Don't be afraid to put sunscreen in their backpacks also, and encourage them to use it. Talking to them about WHY it's important makes them more likely to apply it before recess.
  9. I send my kids with sunglasses for recess as well. Not so much for the "cool" factor as for the "protect your eyes" factor. I don't care WHY they choose to wear them, as long as they do!
  10. Talk to your kids! This is probably the MOST important one. If you talk to them frequently and regularly, they are comfortable engaging in conversation with you, and are more prone to bringing problems and concerns to you!
These are tips that work well for our family, and I hope there are some that you are able to take away and apply to your own family. If you have any tips for me, I'd love to hear them, as we are always looking to improve our routine! I am not afraid of changing what isn't working well to find something that works better. You'll also notice that many of mine revolve around staying healthy, and that's partially because when Aaron gets sick, he gets REALLY sick, so I try to keep the other two boys from bringing home as many germs as possible;)

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A. B. England said...

If you want to keep everyone healthy, don't skimp on the herbs, especially pungant ones like garlic and ginger. Rosemary, basil, thyme, just about any type of pepper, parsley, sage, and well, just about anything in the spice rack are good to. They contain micronutrients and powerful antioxidants important to a healthy, highly functional immune system. Herbal teas are great too since you can get the benefit of herbs you usually won't find in the spice section.

Fresh is best and can be inexpensive if you have herbs at home, but dried still works, just to a slightly lower degree.