Wednesday, August 3, 2011

15th Anniversary

I can't believe it has been 15 years since I got married! I thought I'd include a photo to share with you. Also in this picture are my Godmother, Grandparents, Parents, and Brother. A little bit of history some of you might find interesting is that Nick and I never went on a "date". We met when I was dating his roommate in the Navy, then kept in touch when they were both transferred. After things didn't work out with the roommate, we started talking much more frequently, and (gasp!) writing letters (with today's technology that makes me feel really dated, LOL).

He came to visit me in May and we got engaged. He left to join his squadron on the ship in the Meditteranean Sea, while I planned a wedding for August 3. They were supposed to get back early in July but didn't arrive until late July, and with no phones or emails for contact, I was worried he wouldn't make it back for the wedding! Time was short, but he arrived in Memphis on Thursday night, we got the Wedding Certificate and had the rehearsal on Friday, the wedding on Saturday, and made it driving back to his Naval Base (18 hours away) in time for him to report back for duty at 7am on Tuesday morning.

Fortunately my parents had moved the bulk of my belongings and shower gifts to Florida the week before the wedding, so most of the apartment was set up and ready when we arrived. My uncle was able to bring additional items from TN for me detouring on his way home to Georgia after the wedding, and then my parents came to visit at Christmas and brought the remainder of the items I needed. We learned a very important lesson moving into that tiny 600 SF apartment that summer: NEVER request a 2nd story apartment when you are moving yourself and have very heavy furniture! From that point on, we ALWAYS budgeted for movers to help us, and things have gone so much smoother;)


ChrisS said...

Happy Anniversary!

Shannon Alexander said...

Wow! That is an amazing story. Happy Anniversary!