Thursday, August 18, 2011

Addition and Subtraction Rock!

This is my youngest son Logan, being the funny little boy that he is. He is such a sweet and helpful boy, but when it comes to school work, it is VERY hard for him to pay attention. He gets distracted easily, and finds certain subjects difficult to retain.

I have been entering contests to win some Rock N Learn DVD's for a while, with them on my wishlist of items to try for the upcoming school year, and was more than excited when one of their representatives contacted me asking if I would like to host a review and giveaway for them! (The giveaway is up NOW as part of my A Blogtastic Extravaganza Event if you'd like to enter!)

My youngest two go to public school, which starts next week in our area. Over the summer, we have continued to do learning activities, and I require them to all read at least one hour per day. When the Rock N Learn DVD arrived a couple of weeks ago, they were thrilled to put it in and test it out. I am ecstatic at the excitement all three of them have about math now!

Aaron, going into 3rd grade homeschool, has some learning disabilities and we have been struggling with math, but making progress. While had the foundation of addition and subtraction down, these songs reinforce the facts I have taught him. He has struggled in the past with drills, but when set to the music, he excels.

Joshua, going into 2nd grade, is advanced in all of his subjects, but he too enjoys dancing around and singing math songs.

Logan who struggled to COUNT on a consistent basis in Kindergarten can now do math drills like an expert. I am crossing my fingers that this makes math in 1st grade easier for him, and you can guarantee if it does, I will be getting more of these DVD's!

The Addition and Subtraction Rock DVD I was sent is priced at $19.99, and that is what many of the others are priced at as well. They have several subjects, and as the mom of kids who struggle in areas, this is a great investment if it helps them get over the hurdles they are having.

Please feel free to visit the Rock N Learn website to view additional products, and they have generously offered a coupon code (JQ7711) to receive 25% off of any product on their site. They also offer 3 FREE websites where you can downloaded helpful worksheets to work with your kids. They are ,,  and

***Disclosure: I did receive one free DVD to facilitate my review. No positive review was required, it was earned by it's own merit. All opinions expressed are 100% mine and were not influenced in any way.***

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