Monday, August 29, 2011

Time Island

If you are looking for me tonight, I'll be hanging withe kids on "Time Island"...well, our version in the backyard anyway! My boys LOVE a good adventure, and I can't wait to get started on this one. We'll have a few friends over to play as we explore the lush jungle (uncut grass!) and pretend we have beaches and caves out there as well. Mom Select and Time Island generously sent us a Time Island In Home Party Kit tucked neatly into a very cook Survival Backpack, so we will be playing themed games, I've got some "adventure" recipes baking (hopefully I can get a photo before they eat them up!), and giving away Raffle Prizes. The boys were excited about the temporary tattoos (because those are cool!), stickers, and band bracelets that they can wear and share with their friends.

Fortunately for us, the temperature has cooled off to a mere 95 degrees (it was 106!) so we won't be melting during our adventure. I've got some themed cookies and cupcakes that I made and decorated, some candy (not chocolate in this heat) that I put in some decorations and hid in the yard while they were at school, and maps I drew for them to use when exploring to find the treasure. I also hid the extra bracelets, stickers, and tattoos in little box containers. They have instructions to go 10 paces N turn R then go 5 paces W turn L go 7 paces and X marks the spot! I hope it'll be more fun for them to find the rewards than to just put them in goody bags. At this age (6-9) they all are working on team work and how working together as a team is more beneficial than working on your own, so I've tried to incorporate that by blindfolding the search person and having their navigator call out instructions to them from across the yard;) Can they listen to their friend and hear over the other teams? Can they remain patient and follow directions? Only time will tell on Time Island!

***Disclosure: I received the free In Home Party Kit as part of a promotional program between Mom Select and Time Island. No positive review was required nor requested. All opinions expressed are 100% mine and have not been influenced in any way.***

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