Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book Review: Ditch The Joneses, Discover Your Family

Book ReviewDitch The Joneses, Discover Your Family: How to Thrive on Less Than Two Incomes!

What a fantastic book for families all across America! In this day and age when people are out of work, over-extended, or in any financial situation where they need to cut back or learn to live on less than they may have ever lived on before, it is essential that they learn to stop comparing themselves to others. You have to learn to be happy with what they have.

The overall theme of my blog is to "make the most of what you have to work with" and this directly applies to this book. There are so many money saving suggestions, and methods to help stretch your dollars further, as well as scripture and tips to help you learn that you don't need to measure up or compare your lifestyle with anyone else. Living within your means has a lot to do with your attitude on the situation.

I would suggest this book to newlyweds, new parents, anyone facing job loss or salary reduction, or anyone in general who just needs to adjust their lifestyle or learn to save/live on less.

Product Description:
We've all felt the pressure to keep up with the Joneses. Often it seems like it takes two incomes to survive in today's economy. But what if that is not true for your family? What if your family can thrive on less than two full-time salaries and flourish by spending more time together? Tackling these tough questions using faith-based views and values, this book gives parents encouraging and realistic ideas for a healthy and solid family. In this book, Brese Doebler challenges the two income assumption, and takes you on a journey toward the joy of discovering your family.

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Tonja said...

Nice! Sounds like a good book to get on my nook. I love books like these because the older I get, the more I'm interested in living simply.