Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coast to Coast Mattresses

One of the items that we have on our need to buy sooner rather than later, is a new mattress. We purchased our current mattress in July 1995. That's 16 YEARS ago for those who are counting, and it has definitely seen better days! However, due to the flood we had in January, there are other items that took priority in getting replaced. We are almost done with that project, and will begin shopping for our long overdue mattress replacement soon.

Since our little family of two in 1995 has now grown to five in 2011, and these boys love to run and climb into my bed when it storms, I will be watching for a King Size Mattress Sale on this go round, upgrading from a Queen Size which is getting smaller and smaller as these kids get bigger and bigger!

I also have to take into consideration my new diagnosis of Fibromyalgia when I am shopping, because I need something to help my chronic pain when I sleep. Coast to Coast offers a Sleep Resource as a shopping service, and a Mattress Advisor to help you in your selection of different comfort levels, brands, and models, and one of the best features of all is FREE SHIPPING!

Coast to Coast carries all of the major brands at very competitive prices. We live near the complex of furniture stores in central OK, and when we were looking for replacement furniture post-flood, we also started price shopping for mattresses. Our two youngest also need to upgrade from toddler beds to twin size beds, and I was shocked to see that shipping prices are almost as much as the mattress prices at the local stores! We don't have a truck, so we'll have to have our mattresses delivered, so FREE SHIPPING combined with competitive prices makes this site less expensive than the store down the street.

***Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Coast to Coast Mattresses. All opinions expressed are solely mine and were not influenced in any manner.***

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Tethered Mommy said...

A king sized bed is such a luxury but one that I find a necessity! ;) I hope you can find a mattress that helps you sleep well at night, even with fibromyalgia.