Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Funny Kids Costumes

Looking on the internet this morning for funny kids costumes that the boys can make and wear to an event. We have a ton of costumes already, because as I've mentioned previously, one of Aaron's 'things' is to dress up as something different everyday. We think it's an Asperger's coping thing, so we go with it. Sometimes he has to be a "doctor" or "lawyer" etc, when we need him to dress up, or sometimes  he has to be another kids we know if we just need to be in 'regular' clothes. We just take it situation by situation.

Anyway, here are the funny kids costumes I found, you could use them for Halloween or any other costume needed event.

What I like about this costume is that it looks pretty easy to make, and can be adapted to materials that you have on hand. The kids can decorate most of it themselves and express their own creativity. Especially great for little boys who think Gross is Cool.

I have to say that I was just scrolling past this one without pause because I thought NO WAY. But, all three boys were screaming, YEAH MOM, THAT ONE. I was like, um, NO, but they were laughing hysterically. So, I figure if they find it funny, maybe others will too. Or you'll take my side;) Either way, it's listed on Ebay for $9.99 with 1 day and a couple hours remaining, and one bid (NOT ours) as I type this up. I don't think I'll cave in to purchase this for the event we have, but I am shocked to see just how many costumes are listed on Ebay, and most have bids. (**Update: saw this new on a few other sites starting at $31, so I guess $10 is a pretty good deal. Still not buying it though, LOL.) Interesting to note for future reference that this might be a good place to sell our outgrown costumes instead of just giving them away!

Maybe this just reminds me of the Fruit of the Loom commercials from when we were kids, but it made me laugh, and the boys laughed too, but because they think being grapes is just funny. It also comes in green, but purple is funnier. Priced new, this is almost $60, so I think a purple shirt and sweats with white gloves and balloons pinned on might be funnier AND most importantly, Affordable!

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