Friday, September 16, 2011

How dedicated servers fit into the blogging world

In the land of bloggers and website hosting, there are all kinds of back-end, behind the scenes things that have to be managed on a regular basis. Recently, I have known several bloggers who had issues because of posts of theirs going viral on sites such as StumbleUpon or Yahoo, that have brought an influx of visitors to their blog that is outside the norm of their daily traffic hits, and it has caused sites to crash. It's not just small sites that suffer from this, I'm sure we've all heard about Target's site crashing this week with the launch of their new line.

When looking to resolve the issue of sites crashing, you have to determine several things to figure out what your best solution will be. If it is a temporary or one time influx of traffic, you may need to just make sure you are hosted on a site that is flexible enough to allow a temporary increase. If they won't, and you don't want to change, you'll have to be careful not to write any potentially popular articles, LOL:)

If you have noticed a consistent and steady increase in traffic over time, and think you will continue to see that, and potentially (hopefully) have large spikes in traffic, it may be time for you to consider switching to a dedicated server hosting service.

A dedicated hosting service, is a type of internet hosting where you can lease an entire server. Many people start out sharing server space with other sites, but if that isn't working out and you are still having problems, then there is the option to lease your own individual server, housed in a data center.

One blog friend asked why she couldn't just buy her own, and while technically you could, that isn't financially feasible for most people due to the cost of the server and any other necessary hardware and software and finding a provider for affordable service for an individual or smaller company. Leasing the dedicated server and service is typically more affordable. This type of cost is also one reason why many bloggers find it necessary to do sponsored/paid posts and/or have ads on their site. They need to bring in enough income to at least cover their expenses related to their site.

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