Friday, September 16, 2011

Vitamin Angels

In our home, we deal A LOT with nutrition and vitamins to meet Aaron's specific dietary needs, and we check in with his nutritionist on a regular basis. It is a very delicate balance to make sure he is getting in all of the calories he needs, while also making sure that he is meeting his nutritional requirements with healthy foods. The challenge is because the healthier foods don't have enough calories, and there is only so much food that the child can eat in one day, so every calorie has to count!

From visiting Joshua and Logan's school, as well as their extracurricular activities around town, it is painfully obvious that there are many children, even in our middle class suburban area who are NOT getting their nutritional needs met. Whether it is due to financial distress, lack of time to plan adequate meals and snacks, or just a need for better parental education about what is appropriate for an individual child's situation, there are children who need help.

Across the globe, this need is even greater. Many of these children live in areas where the appropriate dietary needs are not available or accessible. The lack of education and ability increases exponentially. As a mom, specifically one who deals with nutrition on such a serious life or death level on a daily basis, it really breaks my heart to know that other children are going hungry and not getting their needs met. I'd adopt a dozen kids if I had the means to do so, just to make sure that they are loved and well cared for.

I have teamed up wit Viva Vitamin Angels to show you how it is possible for YOU to make a difference!

Did you know  that one third of all childhood deaths are caused by under nutrition and that an estimated 190 million children suffer from vitamin A deficiency worldwide? A simple, cost-effective vitamin A capsule each six months can prevent blindness and reduce under-five mortality by 23 percent. Whole Foods Market’s current podcast shares the story of Vitamin Angels, an organization that is profoundly changing the life’s of children around the world by connecting children under five with vital nutrients they need to survive and thrive.  
To raise awareness of Vitamin Angels, Whole Foods Market will donate $1 for each comment in response to the Viva Vitamin Angels podcast in September. To listen to the podcast and share your thoughts, visit:

Whole Foods Market would love to have 5,000 comments, and as of this writing, I saw only 231 posted! Just by taking a few moments out of your day to leave a comment could really make a difference in the life and health of a child. We JUST got a Whole Foods in OKC this past week. I cannot wait to support this store who is going the extra mile to help kids in need!

***Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vitamin Angels. The story written is our true family situation, and I do support this program. All opinions expressed are solely mine and were not influenced in any manner.***

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