Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MP3 Review: Falling Still

Falling Still is releasing a new album that includes a track I Am the Dr [Explicit].

You can view the song on YouTube at the link below. This song does contain explicit lyrics, and this is a family friendly blog, so I did NOT want to embed the video here. 

"I AM THE DR." Music Video Directed by Trent Haaga:

I was able to listen to the entire album, and did enjoy it. I am not a huge fan of explicit lyrics, which are bleeped out on the radio, but other than that, the music was good. I had not heard of this group previously, and I am always on the lookout to discover new music that I might like. I do like the sound of the music. I have really become a fan of more jazzy/bluesy/metal/rock/bluegrass mixed groups over the past year or so, and this group fits right in there. Can't listen to this CD in the car with kids, but on my phone with headphones while I am walking, it would be ok, and has an upbeat tempo, which is great for exercising.

For more information about Falling Still, you can visit their Facebook Page, Twitter, You Tube, or Website.

***Disclosure: I received complementary access to this MP3 to aide in promotion of the release of this song, no monetary compensation was exchanged.***

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