Monday, September 19, 2011

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Not only do I like to write reviews, I also enjoy READING reviews. For any item that I purchase that is outside of what I normally buy on a grocery or household good weekly shopping trip, I do research before I shop. I want to know that the item I am getting is the best value per dollar spent, how well or poor it worked for others, and a general overall opinion. Negative reviews are very helpful, so I rarely pass over those. When someone says something bad, I don't take that at face value. Often the very reason it doesn't work for someone else it the very need I am looking to have met. So if someone says "this product is too blue" and I am looking for something that is very blue, it might just be the perfect fit. Make sense? LOL:)


One site that is helpful to use as a resource when doing shopping research is It has everything you need to compare opinions all in one place and is very easy to use. An added bonus is the giveaway they are currently running for a $350 Gift Card to Kohl's! This is the only large store in my town, so you can imagine I do quite a bit of my shopping there. I'd love to win. Make sure you read over the official rules when you enter so you are aware of all the details! Tp enter, just visit the Facebook page and "like" them, and also share the news on Twitter by tweeting "I LOVE TO #shopathome online!"

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